Las Vegas Weather

April Las Vegas Weather In Celsius
Record High: 37°C
Normal High: 26°C
Normal Low: 12°C
Record Low: -1°C
Avg Monthly Rain: 0cm
Avg Monthly Snow: 0cm

Las Vegas Weather In April In Celsius

Hoping for April showers in Las Vegas? Not likely, Las Vegas April Weather is normally very dry; April is the second driest month of the year in this southwestern desert city. April Las Vegas weather has daily high temperatures over 25 by the end of the month, making it a truly wonderful time of the year to visit Las Vegas. April weather is very typically dry, and by the end of the month pleasantly warm, making swimming a definite possibility on sunny afternoons. Unless the wind is blowing hard, there's few places on Earth with more enjoyable weather than Las Vegas in April.

Just about every day in April in Las Vegas will be great for golf. Most of the hotels like Caesars Palace and Bellagio, just to name two, have golf concierges. Mid morning or even afternoon tee times will work since it is rare that the day will get hot. There is a small chance that late in the month it may be hot in the afternoon, but it is unlikely.