Las Vegas Weather

October Las Vegas Weather In Celsius
Record High: 39°C
Normal High: 27°C
Normal Low: 14°C
Record Low: -3°C
Avg Monthly Rain: 1cm
Avg Monthly Snow: 0cm

Las Vegas Weather In October In Celsius

Las Vegas October Weather is usually very comfortable, and it's a great time to be active outdoors. You can now golf in the afternoon without a gallon of water and constant shade. There's a noticeable difference between early October and late October, by the end of the month swimming outdoors will be less likely.

The October weather can also be very surprising, when people walk out the door of a Las Vegas Hotel at 4PM without a jacket and they're trembling at 7PM. Be prepared for a little cool weather at night, but enjoy the great daytime Las Vegas October weather.

October is a fairly busy month in Las Vegas, so be sure to book your room before you arrive.