Las Vegas Weather

August Las Vegas Weather
Record High: 116°F
Normal High: 101.8°F
Normal Low: 76.7°F
Record Low: 56°F
Avg Monthly Rain: 0.45"
Avg Monthly Snow: 0"

Las Vegas Weather In August

Despite a slight drop in temperature, Las Vegas Weather in August resembles July with higher humidity and an increased chance of thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms can bring dangerous flash flooding, flooding is the most likely natural disaster in Las Vegas. But this is the Desert Southwest, not Florida. Humidity is still pretty low, and the chance of rainy Las Vegas weather in August is remote.

Early morning walks on the Las Vegas Strip are usually comfortable, and if you get too warm or you get thirsty you can always walk inside the casinos or the large Las Vegas Strip shopping centers.

The weather in August may not be the best you'll see during the year, but it's still nice at times, especially early in the morning. You can leave your long pants and jackets home, but you may want to bring an umbrella, just in case, because they are hard to find in Vegas.