Las Vegas Weather

December Las Vegas Weather
Record High: 77°F
Normal High: 57.3°F
Normal Low: 36.6°F
Record Low: 11°F
Avg Monthly Rain: 0.4"
Avg Monthly Snow: 0.1"

Las Vegas Weather In December

The Las Vegas Weather in December is cold, with wind and occasional precipitation. The weather won't remind you of the weather in the Midwest or the Northeast, but it's a bit chilly, and can get occasionally get wet. The really nice December days are few degrees above normal, sunny and warm, with little wind. You may want to delay your walk until 9:00 am or later, or walk inside the casinos or Las Vegas Strip shopping malls.

Tee times are best after 9:00 am, and if it's going to be windy you may want to pass on golfing. Walking is also better later in the day. In 2008 we actually had 3.6" of snow in one day, the heaviest snow in nearly 30 years. Bring a light jacket and a medium jacket. Swimming is possible but not likely at the large hotels, only a few have heated water.

December is the best month of the year for Las Vegas hotel bargains, so keep an eye out for some great bargains.