Las Vegas Weather

February Las Vegas Weather
Record High: 87°F
Normal High: 63°F
Normal Low: 41.4°F
Record Low: 16°F
Avg Monthly Rain: 0.69"
Avg Monthly Snow: 0.1"

Las Vegas Weather In February

Like January, Las Vegas Weather in February can be cold and possibly wet. Las Vegas sees more rain, on average, in February than any other month, yet it's still drier here than in most other parts of the country. It's not unheard of for Las Vegas to receive no rain or snow in February. There hasn't been a significant snow in Las Vegas in many years in February, but it will probably happen again someday.

February Las Vegas Weather can be cool on a cloudy, windy day. But don't count on bluster, by the end of the month the typical high temperature in Las Vegas is in the mid 60's. So you can probably leave your shorts home, and only bring a swimming suit if you are staying at a Vegas hotel with an indoor pool (only some of the non-gaming hotels have them). And bring a jacket.