Las Vegas Weather

January Las Vegas Weather
Record High: 77°F
Normal High: 57.1°F
Normal Low: 36.8°F
Record Low: 8°F
Avg Monthly Rain: 0.59"
Avg Monthly Snow: 0.9"

Las Vegas Weather In January

The Las Vegas Weather in January can be blustery, at times. January is the second wettest month, on average, to February. The three snowiest months recorded in Las Vegas were all in January, but there hasn't been any snow in January in the past 30 years.

January Weather in Las Vegas normally runs from cool to mild, but it can get cold. Normal high temperatures range from the mid to upper 50's, and lows in the mid to upper 30's, but freezing temperatures are not unheard of. Lows into the upper-teens occur in most years. A clear January day in Las Vegas with little wind is wonderful, but a cloudy, windy day can be chilling to most people.

Most Americans will find January Las Vegas Weather is more comfortable and pleasant than where they live. But you can leave your shorts home and only bring your swimming suit if you are staying in one of the smaller, non-gaming Las Vegas hotels that have an indoor pool. And pack a jacket or two.