Las Vegas Weather

July Las Vegas Weather
Record High: 117°F
Normal High: 104.1°F
Normal Low: 78.2°F
Record Low: 60°F
Avg Monthly Rain: 0.44"
Avg Monthly Snow: 0"

Las Vegas Weather In July

Las Vegas Weather in July is always hot, sometimes humid, with a chance of thunderstorms. July days in Las Vegas are as warm as you'll see anywhere in the US, with the possible exception of Phoenix, so bring your bathing suit and hang out by the pool. The daily highs in July and August can climb over 110°F, and there's a huge difference between 100°F and 115°F. 115°F and a little windy can feel like a blow dryer. Although July is humid by Las Vegas standards, you will be more comfortable in Las Vegas in July than in Florida.

If you are walking to the Las Vegas casinos bring water. But always remember, if you like to walk or run in the morning, the Las Vegas weather in July is almost always comfortable early in the day (before 9:00) , with most daily lows in the low 80's. Or, better yet, take your walk indoors inside the massive Las Vegas Casinos or shopping malls. Most of the hottest days in Las Vegas history have occurred in July.

In addition to a swimming suit and shorts you may want to bring an umbrella, strong thunderstorms aren't a daily occurrence like they are in Florida, but they are possible in Vegas in July.