Las Vegas Weather

March Las Vegas Weather
Record High: 92°F
Normal High: 69.5°F
Normal Low: 47°F
Record Low: 23°F
Avg Monthly Rain: 0.59"
Avg Monthly Snow: 0"

Las Vegas Weather In March

Las Vegas Weather in March sees the daily temperatures climb from a normal high in the mid 60's in the beginning of the month to the lower 70's. The weather is warm, but not hot, sunny and very pleasant. March is a great time to casino hop, golf, walk, or run. Bring more long pants than shorts, and pack a jacket. March Las Vegas weather can be cool at times, and there's a significant difference between the weather earlier in the month and later in the month.

March Las Vegas Weather is often mild and nice, especially in comparison to most other US cities, but it can be cool, even cold, and sometimes windy as well.

March is an okay month in which to book a Las Vegas hotel room. The city hosts quite a few conventions in March, and visitors are still visiting just for the warm weather.