Las Vegas Weather

November Las Vegas Weather
Record High: 87°F
Normal High: 66°F
Normal Low: 44°F
Record Low: 21°F
Avg Monthly Rain: 0.31"
Avg Monthly Snow: 0.1"

Las Vegas Weather In November

Maybe we've been spoiled by the past months, but in many ways November Las Vegas Weather seems like the coldest weather of the year. The average high temperature starts around 70°F in Las Vegas in the beginning of November, but by the end of the month the weather has chilled and the highs can be 60 or below. November can have some great weather days, but it's not a nearly sure thing like the past two months.

Unless you get very lucky, the November temperatures are cool enough that you can probably leave your bathing suit home, and shorts will be uncomfortable after dark. When the wind blows above 10mph it will seem much cooler than the temperature indicates. But walking, running, and golf are often still comfortable, especially in the beginning of November, just start later in the morning. And it's always 70 in the Las Vegas casinos!