Las Vegas Weather

October Las Vegas Weather
Record High: 103°F
Normal High: 80.8°F
Normal Low: 56.5°F
Record Low: 26°F
Avg Monthly Rain: 0.24"
Avg Monthly Snow: 0"

Las Vegas Weather In October

October Weather in Las Vegas is usually very comfortable, and it's a great time to be active outdoors. The weather keeps getting cooler as the month goes on; the daily high will drop more than 10 degrees by the end of October.

The temperature drops quickly when the sun goes down, and surprises many people when they walk out the door of a Las Vegas Hotel at 4PM without a jacket and they're trembling at 7PM. Be prepared for a little cool weather at night, but enjoy the great daytime Las Vegas October weather.

Bring a light jacket and long pants, although you may be happy in shorts in the middle of the day.

It's a great time for just about any outdoor activity, although swimming may be a little hard by the end of the month, on some days.